Print Guardians to Brand Guardians

Introducing Urban

We are a highly experienced print management team with a friendly down to earth approach and professional expertise that’s made us a favourite of design agencies and commercial clients alike.

Urban Print Support is Emma Dixon, Peter Roberts and Alex MacLennan: three print professionals with in-depth experience and complementary skills in both the technical and the creative aspects of print production.

The mission was and is to be a bolt-on team for design agencies and corporate clients who need people they can trust to look after their brand/s and bring expertise on board when managing their printed communications – we are print guardians to brand guardians.

Urban has been providing design agency and corporate clients with professional print management services since 2002. We work with a wide range of the best specialist printers, and have the expertise and savvy to help you achieve great print results competitively, solving any thorny technical challenges that arise along the way.

Whether you’re an agency producing a fair amount of print but wary of the overheads of having your own print buyer or just looking for ongoing print production support as and when you need it, or you produce your company’s corporate literature and you want to make sure you get great results cost effectively, Urban is here to help.